Ruby: country/language names and 2-letter-code pairs, in 85 languages, for country/language i18n
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recognises locales separated with -

  • Present users coutries/languages in their language
  • Convert a country/language-name to its 2-letter-code
  • List of 2-letter-code/name pairs for all countries/languages in all languages


Through pkg-isocodes:

  • 185 Language codes (iso 639 - 2 letter) in 68 Languages
  • 246 Country codes (iso 3166 - 2 letter) in 86 Languages
  • contry specific codes e.g. zh_TW are also available, have a look at the isocodes website for all options


gem install i18n_data


require 'i18n_data'
I18nData.languages        # {"DE"=>"German",...}
I18nData.languages('DE')  # {"DE"=>"Deutsch",...}
I18nData.languages('FR')  # {"DE"=>"Allemand",...}

I18nData.countries        # {"DE"=>"Germany",...}
I18nData.countries('DE')  # {"DE"=>"Deutschland",...}

I18nData.language_code('German')       # DE
I18nData.language_code('Deutsch')      # DE
I18nData.language_code('Allemand')     # DE

I18nData.country_code('Germany')       # DE
I18nData.country_code('Deutschland')   # DE

Data Providers

  • FileDataProvider: FAST (default) (loading data from cache-files)
  • LiveDataProvider: SLOW (fetching up-to-date data from svn repos)


  • update FileDataProvider caches after each code-change to make changes available to users rake write_cache_for_file_data_provider
  • FileDataProvider tests might fail if caches are not updates

Alphabetical localized sorting

If you would like to have the countries list sorted alphabetically in different languages there is a gem called sort_alphabetical for that.


  • include other language/country code formats (3-letter codes...) ?
  • parse list of files on isocodes for write_cache instead of hardcoding country-specific ones



Michael Grosser
License: MIT
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