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Minitest + all the features you always wanted.
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Minitest + all the features you always wanted.



  • Ctrl+c stops tests and prints failures
  • pastable rerun snippet for failures (disabled/integrated on rails 5)
  • multiple before & after blocks
  • around blocks around { |t| Dir.chdir(...) { } }
  • red-green output (disabled/integrated on rails 5)
  • mtest executable to run by line number and by folder (disabled/integrated on rails 5)
  • full backtrace for errors and assertions with verbose (-v)
  • let!
  • let_all execute once for all tests in a class and it's subclasses
  • order_dependent! to make your tests run in given order
  • Maxitest.static_class_order = true no longer sort tests class/sub-classes in random order
  • context for more expression
  • pending { assert false } is skip when it fails, but fails when it passes
  • implicit subject via require 'maxitest/implicit_subject'
  • xit to skip test (also does not call setup or teardown)
  • require 'maxitest/timeout' to make hanging tests fail after Maxitest.timeout seconds
  • require 'maxitest/threads' fail tests that leave extra threads running
  • require 'maxitest/global_must' (before autorun) disable deprecation on global must_* or global_expectations gem


gem install maxitest


require "maxitest/autorun"

... normal tests ...


  • everything vendored into 1 gem to avoid dependency madness
  • tested via rspec to avoid messing up our own tests by accident
  • fixes should go back to the original libraries
  • restrictive minitest dependency so nothing breaks by accident
  • ruby 1.9+
  • rake update to update all vendored gems


Michael Grosser
License: MIT
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