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A simple mobile version of XMarks
Ruby JavaScript
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This is a very simple mobile viewer for XMarks.
(which already has an android app that is far superior to this)

It uses sinatra and jquery mobile and is tested via rspec + capybara + selenium.

Passwords are not stored, just simply passed to XMarks to ge the bookmarks.

Login screen Bookmarks screen

Go Play


bundle exec shotgun
open http://localhost:9393

Test: bundle exec rake


  • favicons from non-https urls make browsers unhappy <-> fallback to http after login or try both or proxy
  • localstore <-> no need to enter password every time (+ refresh button)
  • Uncaught URIError: URI malformed jquery.url.js:32, rescue from malformatted urls


This is a rewrite of a Hacknight project I did with vernonR2.

Michael Grosser
License: MIT

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