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require 'bundler/gem_tasks'
task :default do
sh "rspec spec/"
# extracted from
rule /^version:bump:.*/ do |t|
sh "git status | grep 'nothing to commit'" # ensure we are not dirty
index = ['major', 'minor','patch'].index(':').last)
file = 'lib/parallel_tests/version.rb'
version_file =
old_version, *version_parts = version_file.match(/(\d+)\.(\d+)\.(\d+)/).to_a
version_parts[index] = version_parts[index].to_i + 1
version_parts[2] = 0 if index < 2 # remove patch for minor
version_parts[1] = 0 if index < 1 # remove minor for major
new_version = version_parts * '.','w'){|f| f.write(version_file.sub(old_version, new_version)) }
sh "bundle && git add #{file} Gemfile.lock && git commit -m 'bump version to #{new_version}'"
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