Should rspec 1 still be supported? #97

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I don't see many reasons why rspec 1 should still be supported. I would suggest deprecating rspec 1 and then remove support in a future version. If this sounds plausible I would go ahead and do the deprecation work.


grosser commented Mar 6, 2012

It kind of sucks to still support such an old version, but there are still a lot of big projects on rails 2.3/rspec 1,
so id rather keep it working as long as the overhead stays low. I dont think deprecations help, since people that are still on rails 2 wont be triggered to switch by some deprecation, they are already in a lot of other pains, so Id rather drop the support in e.g. 0.8 and then tell them to use 0.7.

I was thinking about something like that, i.e. telling them that rspec 1 is supported till version 0.7 (for example). If you'd like I could branch out and see how it goes about removing support for rspec 1.


grosser commented Mar 6, 2012

It would be nice to see how much complexity could be saved.

I dont expect anybody to upgrade their rails just because parallel_tests has a new deprecation <-> just adds more noise to their lifes, let them find out the hard way in 0.8 :)

Alright, I'll go ahead and try things out.


triskweline commented Mar 9, 2012

We'd be very sad to see rspec 1 support go. We have a lot of projects in rails 2/rspec 1 which we don't plan to upgrade because it's a stable platform and there actually isn't any pain involved.

@henning-koch the reason why I proposed this is because it will allow a more focused development in the future. It's especially painful to test rspec 1 compatibility and it makes sense to drop support at some point. That doesn't mean you can't use parallel-tests though, as rspec-1 will still be supported up to some version. This will ultimately be the choice of the author of the gem, but I think if not now, this change will eventually come soon anyway.


zekefast commented Oct 16, 2012

Is any update on this and moves forward, guys?


grosser commented Oct 18, 2012

Not really, still lots of folks stuck on rails 2, as long as there is no big downside to supporting it I'd rather leave it in there


grosser commented May 29, 2013

I'll close this, the pull is the "reminder"

grosser closed this May 29, 2013

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