Softly kills your process with SIGTERM before it runs out of memory.
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Softly kills your process with SIGTERM before it runs out of memory.

  • Made for processes that run inside docker.
  • defaults to /sys/fs/cgroup/memory/memory.usage_in_bytes and /sys/fs/cgroup/memory/memory.stat

Written in Rust to consume minimal resources.

Version: 0.0.1


Download the binary you need from target/your-arch or cargo install preoomkiller.

Usage: target/debug/preoomkiller [options] args

    -m, --max-memory-file PATH
                        set file to read maximum memory from
    -u, --used-memory-file PATH
                        set file to read used memory from
    -i, --interval SECONDS
                        how often to check memory usage
    -p, --percent PERCENT
                        maximum memory usage percent
    -h, --help          print this help menu
    -v, --version       show version



Tested with Ruby to have readable / expressive tests.

  • Build
  • gem install bundler ... needs ruby installed
  • bundle
  • bundle exec rake


  • bundle exec rake bump:patch
  • bundle exec rake release


  • remove regex dependency by splitting string and searching manually
  • travis + show status on
  • kill child when process is killed (already has a failing test)
  • find safe way of doing wait / kill ...
  • make rake bump release for multiple targets and commit all changes
  • add --signal option ... support numbers and ideally USR1 etc words
  • make percent a float
  • add --restart option to not kill but restart ... maybe don't since this is tricky / needs a limit