Rails: Record user activities without controller helpers, build on top of userstamps plugin
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Record Activities

  • Simple activity logging build on top of userstamp
  • Does not involve the controller
  • Stores an Activity(:action, :actor, :subject) in the database
  • Supports :create, :update, :save and :destroy by default + any user-defined action


  • Install and setup userstamps
  • script/plugin install git://github.com/grosser/record_activities.git
  • Create an activities table for your database (see: MIGRATION)
  • (Optional) Add has_many :activities, :dependent => :destroy, :foreign_key => :actor_id to your user


class Comment < ActiveRecord::Base
  record_activities :dependent => :destroy
Comment.create! --> Activity.create!(:subject => comment, :actor => current_user, :action => 'create')

record_activities is the same as record_activities :create, :update.
You may also use anything other than the supported :create / :update / :save / :destroy, but be sure to call the appropriate
callback model.record_activity_foo when the action foo was performed.

A Comment has_many :activities, if the :association or :dependent option is given: record_activities :dependent => :destroy record_activities :association => :something_else #this will use nullify, so your activities will not be cleaned up

Activity recording can be turned off by setting e.g. Comment.record_userstamp to false.




Michael Grosser

Hereby placed under public domain, do what you want, just do not hold me accountable...