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Normal profile output only shows top 10 time consuming examples:

Top 10 slowest examples:
0.5215740 User downgrades to a person
0.4326950 User finds invalid
0.1914630 User remembering unsets remember token
0.1218360 User is valid
0.0903790 Festival is valid

This enhanced formatter will give you n-slowes examples AND groups:

5.1150300 Movie
4.9603220 Icon
1.7279670 User
1.4466160 Person
1.1001500 Review
0.6654430 MovieObserver
0.5624980 Tag

Single examples:
4.8707710 Icon refresh! resizes existing thumbs
0.9086340 Review releases the movie
0.5203390 Movie finds invalid
0.4428370 MovieObserver sending mails does not send when inactive
0.3279970 Person merging cannot merge with a user
0.3189010 Movie Hyper Estraier searches category_id STREQ


rails plugin install git://

As only formatter:

# .rspec
--format RspecEnhancedProfile

As additional formatter:

# .rspec
-I vendor/plugins/rspec_enhanced_profile/lib # if you installed it as rails plugin
--format progress
--format RspecEnhancedProfile:tmp/profile.txt

Need more then 20 ?

PROFILE_SHOW_TOP=100 rake spec




Michael Grosser
Hereby placed under public domain, do what you want, just do not hold me accountable...