Ruby/CLI: Automatic lossless reduction of all your images
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LOSSLESS image size reduction for jpg, png and gif in the cloud

  • no image libraries needed, everything done in the interwebs
  • less size (up to a 97% saving) = faster downloads = less bandwidth + happy users


install ruby + rubygems
sudo gem install smusher


Optimize a single image or a whole folder:

smusher /apps/x/public/images [options]
smusher /apps/x/public/images/x.png [options]
smusher /apps/x/public/images/*.png [options]

Options: -q, --quiet no output -c, --convert-gifs convert gifs to PNGs --service PunyPng use PunyPng for image optimizing, instead of SmushIt -v, --version display current version


smusher /apps/ts/public/images
  smushing /apps/rs/public/images/social/facebook_icon.png
  2887 -> 132                              = 4%

  smushing /apps/rs/public/images/social/myspace_icon.png
  3136 -> 282                              = 8%

  smushing /apps/rs/public/images/dvd/dvd_1.png
  5045 -> 4                                = 0%

PunyPng - usage limit

The default Smusher::PunyPng.api_key is used by all users and could already be full when you try to smush some images.

Create a .puny_png_api_key in your home directory with your own api key from PunyPng.


Any image that returns a failure code, is larger than before, or is empty will not be saved.


  • only optimize 'new' images -> save time when doing on already optimized folder


reduce images and minify css + js -> try reduce.



Michael Grosser
Hereby placed under public domain, do what you want, just do not hold me accountable...