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Run ruby Test::Unit/Shoulda tests by line-number / folder / the dozen.
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Rakefile use bump Oct 29, 2012

Run ruby Test::Unit/Shoulda/Minitest tests by line-number / folder / the dozen.
(everything not matching "file:line" is simply passed to testrb)
Instant execution, 0 wait-time!


gem install testrbl

or standalone

curl > testrbl && chmod +x testrbl


testrbl test/unit/xxx_test.rb:123 # test by line number
testrbl test/unit                 # everything _test.rb in a folder (on 1.8 this would be test/unit/*)
testrbl xxx_test.rb yyy_test.rb   # multiple files
testrbl --changed                 # run changed tests


  • can't find executable testrb: uninstall old version of test-unit, they define testrb in multiple incompatible ways


  • alternate minitest syntax: test_0017_should not link already linked URLs


Michael Grosser
License: MIT
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