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# Fix Rails 2 and Rails 3.0 script files. Rails 3.1 works out of the box
rails_2 = <<-EOF
#!/usr/bin/env ruby
require File.dirname(__FILE__) + '/../config/boot'
$LOAD_PATH << 'vendor/plugins/tracked_plugins/lib'
require 'vendor/plugins/tracked_plugins/lib/tracked_plugins'
rails_3 = "$LOAD_PATH.unshift( File.expand_path('../../vendor/plugins/tracked_plugins/lib', __FILE__) )\n"
if File.exist?('script/plugin') # rails 2
# install script/plugin hook'script/plugin', 'w'){|f| f.write rails_2 }
elsif File.exist?('script/rails') # rails 3
# install script/rails hook
lines = File.readlines('script/rails').map do |line|
if line.include?('plugins/tracked_plugins')
nil # remove old installation
elsif line.strip == 'require BOOT_PATH'
[line, rails_3] # add hook after this line
end'script/rails','w'){|f| f.write lines.compact.flatten.join }
# instruct user to DIY
puts "could not find script/plugin or script/rails, put this in yourself!!!"
puts "Rails 2: put this into script/plugin"
puts rails_2
puts ""
puts "Rails 3: add after 'require BOOT_PATH' in script/rails"
puts rails_3
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