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A interface for database stored translation editing as rails engine.


rails plugin install git://github.com/grosser/translation_db_engine.git


  • Setup FastGettext to run from database and include the db_models, see FastGettext Readme
  • rails generate migration CreateTranslationTables and paste in migrations to create models
  • Start translating! (it is as fast as mo/po based translations because of FastGettext`s caching)


  • Setup whichever I18n framework supports a database
  • Create a TranslationKey model that has_many :translations, available_locales and accepts_nested_attributes_for :translations
  • Make available locales return the locales you need
  • Start translating!


  • Setup authentification by copying and modifying translation_db_engine.yml into RAILS_ROOT/config
  • rake sync_po_to_db to load all translations from .po files into the database (given they lie in /locale), requires pomo po parser
  • (If not translations exist yet) Add initial translations through import or create them through the script/console (you NEED a translation for every locale so that available_locales is populated and edit fields are shown correctly)
  • Visit /translation_keys in your browser.


  • specs
  • search + ordering + pagination


Michael Grosser
License: MIT