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Vendorer keeps your dependencies documented, cached and up to date

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Vendorer keeps your vendor files up to date.

  • updateable AND documented dependencies
  • copy-paste-free
  • no unwanted/accidental updates


Install curl and git, then:

sudo gem install vendorer


Add a Vendorfile to your project root:

file 'public/javascripts/jquery.min.js' => ''
folder 'vendor/plugins/parallel_tests' => ''

Call vendorer

If you added something new: vendorer

If you want to update all dependencies: vendorer update

If you want to update one dependencies: vendorer update public/javasctips/jquery.min.js


  • git branch/commit support
  • folder 'vendor' do which will remove everything that is not vendored via Vendorfile on vendorer update or vendorer update vendor


Michael Grosser
License: MIT
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