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@grote grote released this Aug 23, 2021


  • Update PTE data library, fixes issues in Berlin
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@grote grote released this May 26, 2021


  • Prevent crash on first startup
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@grote grote released this Dec 27, 2020


  • Fix and (re-)add several regions: VMS, VTT, saarVV, VBN,, AVV (Aachen), Luxembourg, BART, CMTA
  • Fix issues related to location sharing
  • Fix rare app crash and UI glitches in directions form
  • Enable encrypted backups
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@grote grote released this Aug 5, 2020

  • Rearranged directions form to see all of the options at first glance
  • New option to adapt app theme to Android settings
  • Give attribution to OpenStreetMap as map source
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Dec 29, 2019
departures: show error if returned list is empty

@grote grote released this Jan 6, 2020

  • Fix bug where the app would crash after updating

  • Added data source for Czechia (Thanks Ondra!)

  • Display standard fares for trip results (Thanks Mikolai!)

  • Better error handling in case of failing trip queries (Thanks Mikolai!)

  • New translation: Danish (Thanks Daniel!)

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@grote grote released this Jun 13, 2019

  • Indicate when connections are cancelled or impossible
  • Fix bug where search results would sometimes not appear
  • New translation: Ukrainian (Thanks Paul!)
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@grote grote released this Jan 24, 2019

  • Show exact trip polylines on map for more networks
  • Fix VGS network (Thanks Mikolai!)
  • Fix crash on opening settings (Thanks Mikolai!)
  • New translation: Swedish (Thanks Jonatan!)
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Dec 9, 2018
* Support trip launcher shortcuts on more devices
* Remove VAGFR transport network, use NVBW instead
* Fix start location field in directions search (Thanks ajbruin!)
* Re-enable data sources that don't use https on Android 9 (Thanks hoejmann!)

@grote grote released this Nov 25, 2018

  • Add launcher shortcut for directions search
  • Show swap location button in directions search (Thanks ByteHamster!)
  • Don't show search results over lockscreen anymore
  • Add Persian translation (Thanks Reza!)
  • Add Chinese (Taiwan) translation (Thanks Gerrit!)
  • Fix home and work location input in dark theme
  • Disable Android's auto-fill feature for location views
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