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GRMustache is a production-ready implementation of Mustache templates for MacOS Cocoa and iOS.

September 26th, 2012: GRMustache 5.3 is out. Release notes

Don't miss a single release: follow @GRMustache on Twitter.

How To

1. Download and add to your Xcode project

$ git clone
  • For MacOS development, add include/GRMustache.h and lib/libGRMustache5-MacOS.a to your project.
  • For iOS development, add include/GRMustache.h and lib/libGRMustache5-iOS.a to your project.

Alternatively, you may use CocoaPods: append pod 'GRMustache', '~> 5.3' to your Podfile.

GRMustache targets MacOS down to 10.6 Snow Leopard, iOS down to version 4.3, and only depends on the Foundation framework.

armv6 architecture: The last GRMustache library that embeds the armv6 slice is GRMustache 5.0.1.

2. Start rendering templates

#import "GRMustache.h"

// Renders "Hello Arthur!"
NSString *rendering = [GRMustacheTemplate renderObject:[Person personWithName:@"Arthur"]
                                            fromString:@"Hello {{name}}!"

// Renders a document from the `Profile.mustache` resource
NSString *rendering = [GRMustacheTemplate renderObject:[Person personWithName:@"Arthur"]


Mustache syntax



Loading templates:

Rendering templates:

Advanced Mustache:

Sample code:


  • Reference: the GRMustache reference, automatically generated from inline documentation, for fun and profit, by appledoc.


  • the forking guide tells you everything about GRMustache organization.


What other people say


I'm loving grmustache


Oh man GRMustache saved my ass once again. Awesome lib.


GRMustache filters extension saved us from great escaping PITAs. Thanks @groue.


Thank fucking christ for decent iOS developers who ship .lib files in their Github repos. #GRMustache

Contribution wish-list

I wish somebody would review my non-native English, and clean up the guides, if you ask.


Please fork. You'll learn useful information in Guides/


Released under the MIT License.

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