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- Helpers that are fetched from the context stack: deprecate them (with runtime warnings). That's because they can be overriden by any context object, and thus they can not help building a stable, reusable helpers library (stable keys + stable code). Also deprecate [renderObjects:...] methods, since providing a helpers container was their only purpose. Instead, provide with a way to provide helpers to a template ([template renderObject:... withHelpers:...]). Think about the usefulness of having [section renderObject:... withHelpers:...] as well (I'd rather avoid letting sections declaring new helpers, but I'm not sure).
- Bring back categories. Read
- Handlebars: support `\{{foo}}` escaped tag
- Handlebars: support `{{#section value}}...{{/section}}`
- Handlebars: support `{{#section value value ...}}...{{/section}}`
- Handlebars: support `{{#section name=value ...}}...{{/section}}`
- Handlebars: support `{{#with value}}...{{/with}}` built-in helper
- Handlebars: support `{{#each value}}...{{/each}}` built-in helper
- Handlebars: support `{{#if value}}...{{/if}}` built-in helper
- Handlebars: support `{{#if value}}...{{else}}...{{/if}}` built-in helper
- Handlebars: support `{{#unless value}}...{{/unless}}` built-in helper
- Handlebars: support `articles.[10].comments` value
- Handlebars: support literal string values `"foo"`
- Handlebars: support literal numeric values `1.23`
- Handlebars: support literal boolean values `true`
- think about the usefulness of returning explicit HTML-safe or HTML-unsafe strings from getters and helpers
+ deprecate full GRMustacheContext class
+ deprecate [XXX parseYYY] and introduce [XXX templateFromYYY]
+ deprecate [GRMustacheTemplateLoader parseTemplateNamed:error:] and introduce [GRMustacheTemplateLoader templateWithName:error:]
+ support BOOL property custom getters `{{#isPretty}}`
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