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@@ -5,10 +5,6 @@ GRMustacheTemplateDelegate protocol
This protocol lets you observe, and possibly alter the rendering of a template.
-**Whoever needs to develop and use templates that are compatible with [other Mustache implementations]( should make sure he does not use this protocol to alter template rendering.**
-For everybody else, this protocol brings some yummy expressiveness.
Observe the template rendering
@@ -63,12 +59,8 @@ Alter the template rendering
The `returnValue` property of the *invocation* argument can be written. If you set it in `template:willRenderReturnValueOfInvocation:`, GRMustache will render the value you have provided.
-- (void)template:(GRMustacheTemplate *)template willRenderReturnValueOfInvocation:(GRMustacheInvocation *)invocation
- invocation.returnValue = @"blah";
+**Warning: If your goal is to design templates that remain compatible with [other Mustache implementations](, don't use this feature.**
### A practical use: more debugging templates

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