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Answer to FAQ: "Why does GRMustache need JRSwizzle?"

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A: When GRMustache has to try several objects until it finds the one that provides a `{{key}}`, several NSUndefinedKeyException are raised and caught. Let us double guess you: it's likely that you wish Xcode would stop breaking on those exceptions. This use case is covered in [Guides/runtime/](GRMustache/blob/master/Guides/runtime/
+- **Q: Why does GRMustache need JRSwizzle?**
+ A: GRMustache will [swizzle]( the implementation of `valueForUndefinedKey:` in the NSObject and NSManagedObject classes when you invoke `[GRMustache preventNSUndefinedKeyExceptionAttack]`. This use case is covered in [Guides/runtime/](GRMustache/blob/master/Guides/runtime/ The dreadful swizzling happens in [src/classes/GRMustacheNSUndefinedKeyExceptionGuard.m](GRMustache/blob/master/src/classes/GRMustacheNSUndefinedKeyExceptionGuard.m).
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