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A: Check [Guides/sample_code/](GRMustache/blob/master/Guides/sample_code/
+- **Q: How do I implement filters, format numbers, dates, etc?**
+ A: Check documentation of [Mustache lambda sections](GRMustache/blob/master/Guides/runtime/ first. If it would not help, read [number formatting sample code](GRMustache/blob/master/Guides/sample_code/ If you are still stuck after those, go and look for a [closed issue](GRMustache/issues?state=closed) that covers your need. Finally, open a new issue :-)
- **Q: How do I render default values for missing keys?**
A: This can be done by providing your template a delegate: check [Guides/](GRMustache/blob/master/Guides/

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