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@@ -95,7 +95,9 @@ NSString *barbieProfile = [profileTemplate renderObject:barbie];
`+[GRMustacheTemplate templateFromResource:bundle:error:]` and `-[GRMustacheTemplate renderObject:]` are documented in [Guides/](
-GRMustache can load templates from resources, and many other locations. Check [Guides/]( and [Guides/]( for a thorough documentation.
+### Other use cases
+Examples above are common use cases for MacOS and iOS applications. The library does much more:
Full documentation map
@@ -107,17 +109,20 @@ Full documentation map
### Guides
-Basic Mustache:
+Loading templates:
+- []( how to load templates from common sources.
+- []( how to load templates from uncommon sources.
+Rendering templates:
-- []( how to load, parse, and render templates.
- []( how to provide data to templates.
- - [runtime/](runtime/ the key lookup in detail
- - [runtime/](runtime/ boolean sections
- - [runtime/](runtime/ enumerable sections
+ - [runtime/](runtime/ the key lookup in detail.
+ - [runtime/](runtime/ boolean sections.
+ - [runtime/](runtime/ enumerable sections.
Advanced Mustache:
-- []( how to load templates from uncommon sources.
- []( how to process the template canvas before it is rendered with Mustache "lambda sections".
- []( how to process data before it is rendered with "filters".
- []( how to hook into template rendering.
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