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Add a new version to

Edit Makefile, add a GRMustache git tag to the VERSIONS variable, update LATEST variable if necessary, and run:

make clean_version_samples_LOCAL    # make sure local samples do not enter the
make clean_samples                  # if you want to recompute all samples

Rerun a sample:

make clean_version_samples_v1.10.2
make version_samples_v1.10.2

After a GRMustacheBenchmark implementation change

make clean_build
make clean_samples

Install LOCAL GRMustache into GRMustacheBenchmark project

make clean_version_LOCAL
make Product/build/LOCAL/Release/GRMustacheBenchmark

Compare LOCAL GRMustache to LATEST version

Local GRMustache is the GRMustache repository located in the same folder as this GRMustacheBenchmark repository.

make clean_version_samples_LATEST
make version_samples_LATEST
make clean_version_LOCAL    # cleans samples, bin, and lib, so that local GRMustache is rebuilt
make version_samples_LOCAL

List all make targets:

make -pn | grep "^[^\s#%.(].*:" | grep -v "=" | grep -v "\\$" | grep -v "^Makefile:$" | sed "s/:.*//" | sort