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GRMustache benchmarks

You can here compare the performance of GRMustache versions.

GRMustache has been tested against random templates containing 2, 10, or 100 elements (text, {{variable}} tags, or {{#section}} tags).

Parsing and rendering tasks are measured separately.

Numbers have no unit: they are all relative to the time taken by the shortest task, which is given the score 1.

Plot for task 'render' and complexity '2' Plot for task 'parse' and complexity '2'
Plot for task 'render' and complexity '10' Plot for task 'parse' and complexity '10'
Plot for task 'render' and complexity '100' Plot for task 'parse' and complexity '100'

Rendering task

                2       10      100
v7.3.0    1.4e+00  4.5e+00  1.2e+02
v7.2.0    1.5e+00  4.8e+00  1.3e+02
v7.1.0    1.5e+00  4.7e+00  1.2e+02
v7.0.2    1.2e+00  3.5e+00  9.0e+01
v6.9.2    1.4e+00  4.7e+00  1.3e+02
v6.8.4    1.6e+00  5.8e+00  1.6e+02
v6.7.5    1.4e+00  5.4e+00  1.5e+02
v6.6.0    1.6e+00  6.2e+00  1.8e+02
v6.5.1    1.6e+00  6.1e+00  1.8e+02
v6.4.1    1.6e+00  6.1e+00  1.8e+02
v6.3.0    1.7e+00  6.1e+00  1.8e+02
v6.2.0    1.6e+00  6.1e+00  1.8e+02
v6.1.4    1.6e+00  6.0e+00  1.7e+02
v6.0.1    1.9e+00  7.3e+00  2.5e+02
v5.5.2    2.0e+00  7.7e+00  2.8e+02
v5.4.4    1.2e+00  4.0e+00  1.1e+02
v5.3.0    1.2e+00  4.0e+00  1.1e+02
v5.2.0    1.1e+00  3.8e+00  9.8e+01
v5.1.0    1.1e+00  3.7e+00  9.6e+01
v5.0.1    1.0e+00  3.2e+00  8.0e+01
v4.3.4    1.3e+00  4.1e+00  1.1e+02

Parsing task

                2       10      100
v7.3.0    4.6e+00  1.3e+01  1.0e+02
v7.2.0    4.6e+00  1.3e+01  9.9e+01
v7.1.0    4.7e+00  1.3e+01  1.0e+02
v7.0.2    5.1e+00  1.3e+01  1.0e+02
v6.9.2    4.8e+00  1.3e+01  1.1e+02
v6.8.4    4.8e+00  1.3e+01  1.1e+02
v6.7.5    4.6e+00  1.3e+01  1.0e+02
v6.6.0    4.0e+00  1.3e+01  1.1e+02
v6.5.1    4.0e+00  1.3e+01  1.1e+02
v6.4.1    4.0e+00  1.3e+01  1.1e+02
v6.3.0    3.6e+00  1.2e+01  1.1e+02
v6.2.0    3.6e+00  1.2e+01  1.1e+02
v6.1.4    3.5e+00  1.2e+01  1.1e+02
v6.0.1    3.4e+00  1.2e+01  1.1e+02
v5.5.2    3.3e+00  1.2e+01  1.1e+02
v5.4.4    3.3e+00  1.2e+01  1.0e+02
v5.3.0    3.3e+00  1.2e+01  1.0e+02
v5.2.0    3.3e+00  1.2e+01  1.1e+02
v5.1.0    3.3e+00  1.2e+01  1.1e+02
v5.0.1    3.4e+00  1.2e+01  1.1e+02
v4.3.4    3.3e+00  1.2e+01  1.2e+02

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