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Ground is an open-source data context service under development in UC Berkeley's RISE Lab. Ground serves as a central model, API, and repository for capturing the broad context in which data is used. Our goal is to address practical problems for the Big Data community in the short term and to open up opportunities for long-term research and innovation.

For the vision behind Ground, please see our CIDR '17 publication.

Getting Started

You can download the latest version of Ground from our releases page. The most recent version of Ground is v0.1.2.

Once you have downloaded the latest version of Ground, a Ground database and corresponding tables are necessary for Ground to function. To create the tables, please run python <user> <dbname> in the db/ directory of the release. To drop the tables, run python <user> <dbname> drop. Alternatively, one can also use db/postgres.sql to set up the tables.

You can start the Ground server by running ./bin/ground-postgres. This starts a local Ground server running on port 9000.

For more information, see Hit the Ground Running, our getting started guide.


Ground is licensed under the Apache v2 License.


Please see the guidelines in