Free Code Camp's JavaScript pomodoro clock built using React.
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This project is part of the Free Code Camp's front-end track. I'll build a pomodoro clock using React.


  • I can start the 25 min pomodoro.
  • I can stop the pomodoro.
  • The timer will go off when the 25 min has elapsed.
  • I can reset the clock for my next pomodoro.
  • I can customize the length of each pomodoro.

Pomodoro Clock mobile Pomodoro Clock desktop

Technologies used

The client side of the app is built with React. I used Create React App to get it started.

For testing I used Jest.


TDD - I wanted to create this app following test-driven development (TDD). It was a challenge at the beginning, but it made it a lot easier to develop new features and ensure that I didn't break things when making a change.


Clone this repo:

$ git clone

Install all dependancies:

$ npm install

Start the server:

$ npm start


Run the tests:

$ npm run test

Unit tests