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Bluebottle is the many-GPU extension of Bluebottle, a GPU-centric finite-
difference imcompressible Navier-Stokes flow solver coupled with the Physalis 
method for fully resolving spherical particles dispersed throughout the flow.
It is a research code developed by Daniel Willen ( under
the supervision of Dr. Adam Sierakowski ( and Prof. Andrea
Prosperetti at the Johns Hopkins University.

The capability of solving temperature field using many-GPU is added in a
recent extension to Bluebottle-3.0 by Yuhang Zhang ( based on
Yayun Wang's work which runs in single-GPU. The code is able to run Rayleigh
Benard convection simulation with several thousand resolved particles.

The original single-GPU code was developed by Adam Sierakowski under the 
supervision of Prof. Prosperetti and can be found at:
More information and documentation is available at:


There are several branches in this repository:

- master      -- Contains release versions of Bluebottle.
- devel       -- Contains stable development versions that are not ready for 
                  master release.

Obtaining Bluebottle

Bluebottle has been released under the Apache License, Version 2.0 and is
available at:

Installing Bluebottle

For installation instructions, see the accompanying INSTALL document.

Running Bluebottle

For run instructions, see the accompanying RUN document.

Bluebottle Documentation

The most recent documentation can be found on the Bluebottle Wiki at or Most of the documentation for the 
single-GPU version applies to the many-GPU version as well.

Questions and Bug Reports

Bluebottle is an academic research code being actively developed. Should you
have any questions about the code, please submit an issue using the Bluebottle
Issue tracker at