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To tell Bluebottle where to find the required dependencies, edit the Makefile.
Enter the full path to the installation location of each dependency (the
path to directory containing /include and /lib directories) in the section
entitled EDIT: DEPENDENCIES. Also, enter the path to your compiler binary in the
section entitled EDIT: COMPILERS.
From this directory, compile Bluebottle using make. You have a few choices:
$ make -- Compile to run with verbose standard output.
$ make clean -- Delete the compiled object files and linked binary.
$ make debug -- Compile to run with debug enabled and debug output
When compiled, the binary will reside in the bluebottle/sim subdirectory.
Configuration Files
Configuration files for the flow domain, particles, and output reside in the
bluebottle/sim/input subdirectory. More information is available on the website, though it is not guaranteed to be up to date.
Several tools to generate configuration files exist in the bluebottle/tools
subdirectory. These can be made by typing "make" while in the tools subdirectory
(this only requires gcc). This tools include:
- decomp_reader -- Generate the decomp.config file using an existing
flow.config file. The first seven lines of the flow.config
file must be set before running this tool. The syntax is:
$ ./decomp_reader ./path/to/input/flow.config
- seeder -- Randomly seeds the number of particles specified in a
part.config file using the parameters specified by the
particle in the part.config file. Also uses domain extents
given in the flow.config file residing in the same
directory as the given part.config file. The syntax is:
$ ./seeder ./path/to/input/part.config
The output is a file called "part_seeder.config". NOTE:
This is not very robust.
Running Bluebottle
Launch Bluebottle from the command line by navigating to the bluebottle/sim
directory and typing:
$ mpirun -np 1 ./bluebottle
This will read the required input files in bluebottle/sim/input and write
the requested output files to bluebottle/sim/output. Some useful runtime
information will be written to bluebottle/sim/record. There are a number of
canonical input files distributed in the bluebottle/sim/input directory. To use
one, simply rename it to flow.config.
The above command will use one GPU. On a compute resource that is not managed by
a resource manager, the GPUs used can be changed by modifying the environment
variable CUDA_VISIBLE_DEVICES. More GPUs can be used by changing "-np 1" as
The only resource manager Bluebottle has been tested with is Slurm. A
file is given in the bluebottle/sim subdirectory, more information about running
under Slurm is given in that file.
For a detailed discussion about the required input files, see the Bluebottle/
Bluebottle Wiki at
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