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Flying PhotoBooth

The source code for the Android applications Flying PhotoBooth and Party PhotoBooth.

Flying PhotoBooth Get it on Google Play

Create, review, save and share photo strips all in less than 30 seconds.

Create Photo Strip

  • Selection of photo strip arrangements and photo filters
  • Shoot up to 4 photos manually or use the photo booth style timer
  • Unique swipe-to-retake feature to quickly review each photo
  • Support for triggering with Muku Shuttr, other Bluetooth remotes and keyboards

Basic Save and Share

  • Photo strips are auto-saved and added to the Gallery
  • Beam to compatible devices using Android Beam
  • Share through Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Email, etc.

Share with Wings

  • Link your Facebook, Dropbox, and Google Cloud Print account to enable one-click or auto share/print
  • Automatically schedule retries in the background if sharing fails
  • Share to any of your Facebook Albums or Pages, with privacy level control

Party PhotoBooth Get it on Google Play

Need a photo booth at your event? There is an app for that! What's a better way to explain how it works than to follow this step-by-step instructable?

One-minute Set Up

  • Pick a photo strip template with optional event name, date and logo
  • Link Facebook and Dropbox accounts for auto sharing
  • Link Google Cloud Print for printing
  • Keep the app in foreground with passcode-protected Kiosk mode

Guest Experience

  • Take pictures as in a photo booth, with count down timer and animated review panel
  • Trigger with on-screen button or Bluetooth remote
  • Find your photo strip on Facebook, Dropbox, or printed via Google Cloud Print
  • Automatically return to the Capture screen for the next guest


To compile the applications you must have the Android SDK set up. With your device connected, build and install Flying PhotoBooth with:

./gradlew :flying-photo-booth:installDebug

Or Party PhotoBooth with:

./gradlew :party-photo-booth:installDebug

Some Wings Sharing endpoints may not work on your custom build as API keys from the service providers may be pinned to the release signing keys. You should find donottranslate.xml in each application and replace all API keys.

If you plan on distributing a fork of these applications, you must replace the following:

  • Package names com.groundupworks.flyingphotobooth and com.groundupworks.partyphotobooth
  • Application names Flying PhotoBooth and Party PhotoBooth
  • Application icons and all branded graphics
  • API keys


Please use the issue tracker for feature requests and reporting of bugs. Pull requests are welcome, but for custom features please fork instead. One main reason for open-sourcing this project is to allow for use-case-specific customizations without feature-bloating the mainline products, so fork away!

You can also contact me through the Ground Up Works channels.


Copyright (c) 2012-2016 Benedict Lau

Source code licensed under the GPLv3

Application names, icons and branded graphics are properties of Ground Up Works