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SmartOS on Vagrant

SmartOS provides the best Node.js experience, and is an all-around powerhouse operating system. Many developers use Vagrant to manage runtimes and build environments.

We want to bring an up to date version of SmartOS to Vagrant.


  1. Install SmartOS on Virtualbox
  2. Setup port forwarding from localhost:2222 to vbox:22

The GLOBALZ folder is an unpacked set of scripts to install on the SmartOS global zone.

  1. Run make package
  2. Copy vagrant-tools.tar.gz to SmartOS (scp, or python -m SimpleHTTPServer)
  3. On SmartOS run tar -zxf vagrant-tools.tar.gz -C /
  4. Restart SmartOS

An SMF job should prepare the OS. The first time you do this, it may take a while since it has to download a new VM image.

Vagrant rougly connects to your instance with the following line:

ssh -o UserKnownHostsFile=/dev/null -o StrictHostKeyChecking=no -i ~/.vagrant.d/insecure_private_key -p 2222 vagrant@localhost


  • add resiliency to scripts
  • add automation
  • let SmartOS/VirtualBoxTools be pluggable for fast updates


  1. to automate the vagrant-ification of a base smarts build

  2. users should be able to get running with

     vagrant init smartos http://example/
     vagrant up
     vagrant ssh
  3. The box should include Nodejs and all necessary build tools for compiling c++ node extensions

  4. create an awesome single-page advertising how awesome smartos vagrant boxes are


Andrzej Szeszo has provided a great head-start with his build scripts and running example. We plan to expand upon this.

Prepare Script

A prep-script should run on a base SmartOS box. Todos in no particular order:

  • create a vagrant zone
  • add nodejs packages to vagrant zone
  • assign global and vagrant zones to use DHCP
  • setup dns
  • vagrant ssh should reach the vagrant zone, not the global zone