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HackerYou Summer 2019 Project 6: Zoltar Speaks
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Zoltar Speaks

Inspired by this clip of movie Big(1988). Built with React.js and REST API.

How to Play

  • On the landing page, make a wish, or ask Zoltar a question (e.g. "Should I have burrito or pizza for dinner?").
  • Cick the coin slot to insert a coin.
  • Guide your coin through the Zoltar machine using keyboard arrow keys, or D-pad (only shown on touchscreens).
    • Spiral: spins the gameboard.
    • Double arrows: reverses control. Up -> down, left -> right, vice versa.
    • Mushroom: grows the coin to super big.
    • Black holes: teleport the coin to somewhere else.
  • Once you reach the exit (a golden crystall ball around the bottom right), a card would appear. Click on the card to read Zoltar's response.

Live Link

Firebase Hosting


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