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Create digital signature with GroupDocs.Signature

GroupDocs.Signature for .NET Web Forms Example

version 1.16.0

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System Requirements

  • .NET Framework 4.5
  • Visual Studio 2015

Digitally Sign documents with .NET API

GroupDocs.Signature for .NET allows you to add a digital signature to PDF, DOCX, PPT, XLS and over 90 formats with no external dependencies. Using powerful and flexible API you can easily add handwritten, barcode, QR code, Image and stamp signatures to a document.

This web application demonstrates all GroupDocs.Signature features with simple modern UI which can be used as standalone or be integrated into your project.

Note: without a license application will run in trial mode, purchase GroupDocs.Signature for .NET license or request GroupDocs.Signature for .NET temporary license.

Demo Video



Unique experience on the mobile device. Draw signature with your finger in landscape mode.

Digital certificate

Add digital signature to securely sign documents.

Barcode generator

Embedded barcode generator can generate over 50 barcode symbologies including linear, 2D and postal barcodes.

QR code generator

Embeded QR generator can generate PDF417, MacroPDF417, DataMatrix, Aztec, QR, Italian Post 25, GS1DataMatrix 2D barcodes.

More features

  • Clean, modern and intuitive design
  • Easily switchable colour theme (create your own colour theme in 5 minutes)
  • Responsive design
  • Mobile support (open application on any mobile device)
  • Support over 50 documents and image formats
  • Image mode
  • Fully customizable navigation panel
  • Sign password protected documents
  • Download original documents
  • Download signed documents
  • Upload documents
  • Upload signatures
  • Sign document with such signature types: digital certificate, image, stamp, qrCode, barCode.
  • Draw signature image
  • Draw stamp signature
  • Generate bar code signature
  • Generate qr code signature
  • Print document
  • Smooth page navigation
  • Smooth document scrolling
  • Preload pages for faster document rendering
  • Multi-language support for displaying errors
  • Cross-browser support (Safari, Chrome, Opera, Firefox)
  • Cross-platform support (Windows, Linux, MacOS)

How to run

You can run this sample by one of following methods

Build from source

Download source code from github or clone this repository.

git clone

Open solution in the VisualStudio. Update common parameters in web.config and example related properties in the configuration.yml to meet your requirements.

Open http://localhost:8080/signature in your favorite browser

Docker image

Use docker image.

mkdir DocumentSamples
mkdir Licenses
docker run -p 8080:8080 --env application.hostAddress=localhost -v `pwd`/DocumentSamples:/home/groupdocs/app/DocumentSamples -v `pwd`/Licenses:/home/groupdocs/app/Licenses groupdocs/signature
## Open http://localhost:8080/signature in your favorite browser.


For all methods above you can adjust settings in configuration.yml. By default in this sample will lookup for license file in ./Licenses folder, so you can simply put your license file in that folder or specify relative/absolute path by setting licensePath value in configuration.yml.

Signature configuration options

Option Type Default value Description
filesDirectory String DocumentSamples Files directory path. Indicates where uploaded and predefined files are stored. It can be absolute or relative path
fontsDirectory String Path to custom fonts directory.
defaultDocument String Absolute path to default document that will be loaded automaticaly.
preloadPageCount Integer 0 Indicate how many pages from a document should be loaded, remaining pages will be loaded on page scrolling.Set 0 to load all pages at once
textSignature Boolean true Enable/disable text signature
imageSignature Boolean true Enable/disable image signature
digitalSignature Boolean true Enable/disable digital signature
qrCodeSignature Boolean true Enable/disable QR-Code signature
barCodeSignature Boolean true Enable/disable Barcode signature
stampSignature Boolean true Enable/disable Stamp signature
handSignature Boolean true Enable/disable Hand signature
downloadOriginal Boolean true Enable/disable original document downloading
downloadSigned Boolean true Enable/disable signed document downloading


How to set custom baseURL

BaseURL is fetched from address bar however you can set custom baseURL by adding forRoot parameter at app.module.ts




The MIT License (MIT).

Please have a look at the for more details

GroupDocs Signature on other platforms & frameworks

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