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Grapht is a light-weight dependency injector. It converts the dependency injection problem into a graph-based problem that can be solved and analyzed without constructing any components until a solution is guaranteed. The solution graph is also exposed to enable flexible extensions such as static analysis, and visualizations.

Grapht also supports specifying dependency bindings based on where in the graph the components must be injected. This allows a programmer to specify that a type Foo must be used in the context of type A, but a Bar should be used in any other context. This can be used to compliment the idea of qualifying injection points using annotations, as specified in JSR 330.

Grapht provides a fluent configuration API very similar to that of Guice's.


Grapht can be depended on from Maven's Central Repository by adding the following to the dependencies section in your POM:



Grapht is released under the terms of the MIT license.

By submitting a pull request, you release your contribution to us under same license terms unless otherwise specified.

Release Notes


  • Add @AliasFor to allow qualifiers to alias each other.


  • Move Types.getDefaultClassLoader() to ClassLoaders.inferDefault()
  • Add class loader context management


  • Dependency graphs now use Dependency and Component types, instead of DesireChain and CachedSatisfaction, for greater forward flexibility.
  • Support fixed desires (will not be rewritten)


See closed issues for more details.

  • Enable regular expression matching for contexts (#83)
  • Allow binding to satisfactions
  • Refactor the reflection abstractions, dropping the SPI in favor of the reflect package.
  • Use an immutable DAG instead of the old mutable Graph
  • Support rewriting graphs using bind rules
  • Make more use of Guava
  • Support custom/arbitrary class loaders (typically the thread's context class loader)


See closed issues for more details.

  • Added typed providers
  • Add DependencySolverBuilder to make construction more obvious
  • Make instance providers serializable


See closed issues for more details.

  • Rewrite serialization logic to be more robust (#54)
  • Return immutable views rather than copies of sets from Graph (#58)
  • Be smarter about checking provider types (#35, #36)
  • Add anchored context matchers (at matching) (#41)
  • Improve diagnostic warnings and validity checking
  • Rename Edge.getLabel() to getDesireChain()
  • Change Graph.updateEdgeLabel to replaceEdge
  • Remove Binding.finalBinding in favor of boolean parameter on to (#46)
  • Add a visitor for satisfactions (#33)
  • Add support for specifying default implementations and providers in properties files under the META-INF directory (#51)
  • Module.bind is now called Module.configure
  • Incompatible change: Changed default binding policy with respect to qualfier matching. Now, if you bind a type without specifying any qualifier, it defaults to binding unqualified dependencies and dependencies whose qualifiers are annotated with @AllowUnqualifiedMatch. To get the old behavior of matching irrespective of qualifier matcher, do bind(Type.class).withAnyQualifier() (or bindAny(Type.class)).


  • Fix serialization of inner classes


  • Fix serialization of primitive types in graphs


  • Add DefaultNull annotation and support for it.


See closed issues for more details.

  • Remove Parameter anotation
  • Add basic thread safety for injectors
  • Add more error detection
  • Add convenience method to bind qualified types
  • Allow explicit null bindings to be created


  • Refactor SPI and bind rules to allow for more flexible binding functions. This brings the implementation much closer to the theoretical formulation presented in our paper.
  • Implement Provider injection, including breaking dependency cycles with Provider injection.
  • Pass the JSR 330 TCK.
  • Simplify and clean up Graph API to no longer take type parameters.


  • Rename getFunction() to build() in BindingFunctionBuilder.


  • Make dependency graph solutions serializable using Java's serialization framework.
  • Add CachePolicy lifecycle specification for instances (e.g. new, memoize, etc)
  • Add support for generic attribute annotations on injection points that are carried through the solution graph.
  • Add slf4j logging to grapht


  • Initial published release of grapht
  • Supports basic and context-aware dependency injection


Grapht dependency injector.





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