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Pace - A Resque Reactor

Pace provides a high-throughput way to process Resque jobs inside an EventMachine reactor.

When combined with EM::HttpRequest you can send thousands of requests per second to a remote web service.

Tested under:

  • REE 1.8.7
  • MRI 1.9.2 (best memory performance)


To have fun with the examples, fire one up and then start enqueuing Resque jobs:

$ rake examples:http

$ irb
> require "rubygems"
> require "resque"
> class MyJob; def self.queue; "normal"; end; end
> Resque.enqueue(MyJob)
> 10.times { |n| Resque.enqueue(MyJob, :n => n) }

In a separate process, start up a worker:

require 'pace'

worker = => "normal")
worker.start do |job|
  klass = job["class"]
  options = job["args"].first

  # do work with options


Pace connects to Redis with a URI that's looked up in the following order:

  • Pace.redis_url attr_accessor
  • REDIS_URL environment variable
  • Defaults to


It's very easy to overwhelm a remote service with pace. You can specify the maximum number of jobs to consume per second. => "normal", :jobs_per_second => 100)


If you need to pause a worker (for example, during remote service failure):


And when ready:


You can also pause for a set period of time. The worker will resume automatically.

worker.pause(0.5) # 500ms


Pace attempts to keep the reactor going at all costs with explicit rescues and EM's catch-all error handler. A hook is provided for errors so that action can be taken:

worker.add_hook(:error) do |json, error|
  message = error.message

  # The job JSON can be nil if the error is raised in a callback.
  message << json if json


Hooks can also be attached at the class-level, which affects all workers.

Pace::Worker.add_hook(:error, handler)

Finally, an Airbrake hook is provided that will notify Airbrake on all exceptions:

require "pace/airbrake"

Pace::Worker.add_hook(:error, Pace::Airbrake.hook)
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