integration test library for Node.js that hooks into mocha (and others) to provide a sync api for controlling browsers
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Testium is a testing library focused on providing a simple, but effective, tool for testing your web applications in different browsers (via Selenium) and headlessly (via PhantomJS).


This particular module bundles a few different testium libraries together in a fashion that is no longer recommended. Please instead use a testing interface modules + one of the testium drivers, e.g: and

$ npm install --save-dev testium-mocha testium-driver-wd
const { browser } = require('testium-mocha');

describe('something', () => {
  before(browser.beforeHook({ driver: 'wd' }));

  it('works', () => browser.loadPage('/'));

API Docs

For full API documentation, see the Testium API Docs