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The list of posts in a group

Author: Michael JasonSmith
Contact: Michael JasonSmith <>
Date: 2014-10-10
Copyright: This document is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International License by


When a member posts a message to a group it is normally displayed in a topic [1]. However, people do not always want to see the messages organised in topics, they want a temporal view of the posts. This module provides two such views:

  1. The Posts Summary Tab and
  2. The Posts Page.

The Posts Summary Tab

The Posts Summary tab appears on the Group page [2], as part of the Tasks grouping of tabs. This tab is designed to support one task: Determine who posted where.

To this end, the tab displays a four-column table:

  • Author (who)
  • Topic (where)
  • Files (what)
  • Date (when)

The last two columns are nice-to-have, but are not needed. The Posts Summary is less important than the topics, so it is displayed after the Topics tab.

Supporting the Posts tab is a metadata-link to the ATOM feed for the latest posts [3], and a link to the Posts page.

The Posts Page

The Posts page displays all the posts made to a GroupServer group [4]. The display is much like that in a topic, except the topic-title appears at the start of the post metadata.


[1]Topics are displayed by the product <>
[2]The group page is provided by the product <>
[3]The ATOM feed is rendered by the Products.GSSearch product <>
[4]Each post is displayed by the product <>