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Groute: An Asynchronous Multi-GPU Programming Model for Irregular Computations - Paper Artifact

This artifact contains all the source code necessary to compile the Groute executables and repeat the results of the PPoPP 2017 paper with the same title. The package also contains shell scripts to generate the figures and tables as CSVs, obtain code dependencies, and download input graphs for the benchmarks.

Information and sources for input graphs can be found here.


  • code: Folder containing submodules of the Groute code and dependencies.
  • dataset: Folder containing graph dataset downloader and metadata for each graph.
  • figures/ Script with default values and common procedures.
  • figures/figure*.sh, figures/table*.sh: Figure- and table- generating scripts.
  • Setup script that obtains and compiles code, as well as downloads the graph dataset.
  • Resets artifact to original state.
  • Measures all figures and tables sequentially.
  • Results and log files of an artifact run on the HUJI Cortex cluster.


  • CMake 3.2 or newer
  • GCC 4.9 or newer
  • CUDA 7.5 or newer


  1. Clone the repository recursively (including submodules)
  2. Set up the environment by running This includes obtaining and compiling the code, as well as downloading the graph dataset.
  3. Either call or run individual figures separately by calling the scripts in the figures subdirectory.
  4. Review results in the output subdirectory.

A typical shell command workflow may look like this:

$ git clone --recursive
$ cd ppopp17-artifact/
$ ./
$ ./
$ cat output/figure10b.csv


  • Gunrock execution is not enabled by default. To enable, set the RUN_GUNROCK environment variable to 1 (e.g., run export RUN_GUNROCK=1).

  • Each individual test may take time, but is limited to 2 hours to avoid waiting forever for a faulty application. For slower GPUs, this timeout can be increased by modifying the TIMEOUT variable from 2h to a different value (line 4 in figures/

Manual Setup

The setup script performs the following steps, which can also be performed manually:

  1. Obtains METIS 5.1.0 from
  2. Extracts METIS to code/groute/metis
  3. Compiles METIS. If successful, creates an empty file in the root directory called metis.exists
  4. Compiles MGBench v1.01 and NCCL v1.2.3, creating mgbench.exists and nccl.exists if successful
  5. Patches Gunrock v0.3.1 to read .gr files and output results, creating gunrock.patched on successful
  6. Compiles Gunrock and outputs gunrock.exists
  7. Compiles Groute and outputs groute.exists
  8. Prompts the user whether to download the dataset, runs dataset/, and creates dataset.exists
  9. On successful setup, creates a directory called output and an empty file called setup.complete


Artifact evaluation package for PPoPP 2017






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