Code reference in SF Django meetup 2016-03-30
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Code extracted from rebranding Grove Collaborative (formerly ePantry). The code consists of four major parts:

  • RebrandMiddleware: manages redirects of users before and after the rebrand
  • SessionExchangeMiddleware: detects and redirects anonymous requests to original domain in order to copy the original session to the new domain
  • exchange_grant: view that grants the new domain permission to copy the original session
  • handoff: view that copies over the original session to the new domain

Session Exchange

Session Exchange Diagram

  1. User Agent makes an anonymous request which SessionExchange detects and redirects to
  2. User Agent sends cookie with request to which is used to identify the logged in user and creates a UUID token for their request.session.session_key. UA is redirected back to<token>
  3. can now copy the original session onto the current one
  4. User Agent is redirected back to original requested URL as a logged in user