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"""Html min extension for minifying HTML in Grow sites."""
import htmlmin
from grow import extensions
from grow.extensions import hooks
from grow.documents import document
class HtmlMinPostRenderHook(hooks.PostRenderHook):
"""Handle the post-render hook."""
def should_trigger(self, previous_result, *_args, **_kwargs):
"""Determine if the hook should trigger."""
return self.extension.config.get('enabled', True)
def trigger(self, previous_result, doc, raw_content, *_args, **_kwargs):
"""Execute post-render modification."""
if not isinstance(doc, document.Document) or not doc.view.endswith('.html'):
return previous_result
content = previous_result if previous_result else raw_content
return htmlmin.minify(content, **self.extension.config.get('options', {}))
class HtmlMinExtension(extensions.BaseExtension):
"""Example Extension."""
def available_hooks(self):
"""Returns the available hook classes."""
return [HtmlMinPostRenderHook]