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A basic template for creating a simple grow UI tool.


A basic grow UI tool follows a few conventions that make installation and configuration simple for basic tools.


The project name should start with grow-tool- (ex: grow-tool-my-project).

The name should also be used when registering the tool with grow:

// tool.js{
  'kind': 'image-swap',
  // ...

And for styling the grow UI button icon:

/* tool.css */
.grow__icon_my-project {
  /* background-image: url(); */

File Names

Grow will attempt to include tool.js and tool.css from the main project directory.

More advanced tools may have a build process (such as gulp) that compiles and minifies the tool. The product of the build should still produce the files in the main directory with the same filenames. Otherwise the user will need to configure the tool to look in a specific directory which makes the tool setup harder.