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Grow is a declarative tool for rapidly building, launching, and maintaining high-quality websites.

  • Easy installation
  • Jinja template engine
  • Data-binding between YAML and views
  • Data-driven site architecture
  • Easy URL changes
  • Flexible internationalization and translation
  • Integration with external CMSes
  • Fast builds

Quick start

Run the commands below to start a server. The install script explains what it does and pauses before each action.

curl | bash
grow init base base
cd base
grow run

You can alternatively pip install grow if you like.


Learn more about using Grow:

Contributing to Grow

Set up a development environment:

git clone
make develop

Once your development environment is set up, run Grow:


Then run tests:

make test

We try to set everything up for you automatically (including a virtualenv) in the make commands, but if you are using Linux and something is not working, you might try:

make develop-linux
make test