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Please note this chain is no longer supported by the Official Castle Team. The new chain can be found here:
Github --->
Website -->
Coin Name: CASTLE
Block Reward: 8
Max Coins: 200 million
Premine: 5 million
Proof of Work: 200,000 Blocks Max
Proof of Stake (annual): 100%
Maturity: 8 hours
Block time: 1 minute (1,440 blocks per day)
Confirmations: 30
Wallet Installation Guide:
(Found in the Official Castle Discord:
If you haven't already downloaded the Castle Qt wallet, here is the link:
BACK UP YOUR WALLET FILE to a safe location. Desktop, Google Drive, Thumb Drive, etc.
1. Download this new ZIP:
2. Make sure any instance of the Castle wallet is stopped.
3. Wipe %AppData%\Roaming\Castle directory (make a copy of the wallet.dat, if you haven't already)
4. Run the same Castle QT until the window comes up and you can exit out properly. Don't wait for it to start sync.
5. From the ZIP file, extract the blk0001.dat file and the txleveldb directory, and put them in the %AppData%\Roaming\Castle directory, overwriting the new ones that were created
6. Delete the new, empty wallet.dat that was created and copy in the one you backed up.
7. Start the wallet up again, and wait a little bit.
-If this is a new/empty wallet, and you're just getting started with Castle, it should come back with a green check mark, showing it's fully synced in 5-10 minutes.
You're now ready to receive and send CSTL from your wallet!
-If you have existing transactions in the wallet, we need to clear them and have the wallet scan the database again.
Depending on how long ago and how many transactions there are, it could take a while.
DON'T STOP THIS PROCESS, as it's walking the database, looking for all the transactions that are associated with your wallet address(es)
It might show "Not responding" but ignore that.
If your wallet contains transactions and you want them to sync, run these two commands in the Help/Debug/Console window:
clearwallettransactions (comes back quickly)
scanforalltxns (could take a long time)
Once you run these, the wallet should show a balance of ZERO but it's only cleared the transaction records from the database.
Those transactions are still on the blockchain, and the second command is re-hunting them down.
========= -Unix daemon compile:
cd castle-master
sudo sh install
cd src/leveldb
chmod +x build_detect_platform
make clean && make libleveldb.a libmemenv.a
cd ..
make -f makefile.unix
If your processor has 4 cores for compiling, you can run this: make -j4 -f makefile.unix