Extension for Gravity Forms that enables `autocomplete` attributes to be assigned to form fields.
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Gravity Forms: Autocomplete Fields

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Note: This plugin is still early in its development lifecycle, and it's not recommended for use in a production environment until it hits its first release.

The Gravity Forms: Autocomplete Fields adds support for the HTML5 autocomplete attribute to Gravity Forms' fields.

The autocomplete attribute is an HTML5 standard used to assist browsers auto-fill user data by disambiguating the form fields. By explicitly assigning these attributes to Gravity Forms fields, we can help improve the user experience when completing forms.

	<!-- Hints that "fname" is the user's given (first) name -->
	<label for="first-name">First Name</label>
	<input name="fname" id="first-name" autocomplete="given-name" />

	<!-- Helps autocomplete the postal code -->
	<label for="zip">ZIP Code</label>
	<input name="zip" id="zip" autocomplete="postal-code" />

If the autocomplete property is new to you, Cloud Four has a great writeup about use-cases and implementation.


To install this add-on, either clone or download a zip of the repository and add it to your WordPress installation's wp-content/plugins/ folder. Once in-place, activate the plugin through the "Plugins" screen in the WordPress administration tool.

Please note that this plugin requires Gravity Forms and PHP version 5.3 or higher.


Upon activation, the plugin will add "Autocomplete Attribute" settings to every Gravity Forms field type, under the "Advanced" tab.

Gravity Forms field settings with the "Autocomplete Attribute"

Selecting a value here will inject the corresponding autocomplete attribute when the form is rendered.

Filter reference

Gravity Forms: Autocomplete Fields offers a few filters that can be used to further customize the plugin's functionality.


This filter is called immediately before the autocomplete attribute is injected into an input. Use this filter if you need to further customize the attribute to include any detail tokens like "section-", "shipping", etc.

Type Variable Description
string $attribute The current autocomplete attribute value.
GF_Field $field The current Gravity Forms field object.


In this example, we're checking the $field['cssClass'] for the class of "shipping" and, if it's found, we're prepending the shipping detail token to the autocomplete attribute value.

 * If an address input has class 'shipping', add 'shipping' to the autocomplete attribute.
 * @param string   $attribute The autocomplete attribute for this input.
 * @param GF_Field $field     The Gravity Forms field object.
 * @return string The possibly-modified $attribute string.
function mytheme_inject_shipping_autocomplete_token( $attribute, $field ) {
	if ( in_array( 'shipping', explode( ' ', $field['cssClass'] ), true ) ) {
		$attribute = 'shipping ' . $attribute;

	return $attribute;
add_filter( 'gform_autocomplete_attribute', 'mytheme_inject_shipping_autocomplete_token', 10, 2 );