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Growing Devs

Growing Devs is a shared space for a group of developers who wish to write about their work without the isolation that comes with a solo blog, or the constraints of writing only for the company you work for. Here you'll find content about the technology, techniques, and process the authors are using.


  • Our topics can be polyglot, without language restriction
  • The format helps motivate the people involved to write
  • Becomes a resource in its own right
  • Shared readership
  • Combined pagerank
  • Shared promotion within the group

Getting Started

Please be sure to read our Code of Conduct before contributing.

  1. Clone the repo
  2. bundle install
  3. foreman start

Publishing Process

  1. Start a new post, using thor post:create new-post-title.
  2. Edit _posts/
  3. Run with foreman start
  4. Create a PR with your new post (any post is also welcome in email to or tweet to @growingdevs)
  5. After a little bit of editorial review, we will merge and push

Adding a New Author

You don't have to add this yourself, we can add it when your article is published.

  1. Run thor author:create "Author Name" author-name to build an author page for Author Name in /authors/author-name.html
  2. Add the author to _config.yml with id: author-name, and name: Author Name
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