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Layer 2 fundamentals and blockspace analytics.

Welcome to growthepie 📏🥧

growthepie aims to enhance transparency and understanding of the Ethereum Layer 2 ecosystem by providing comprehensive, curated data, blockspace analysis and educational resources to users, developers and investors.

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gtp - Backend Repository

The gtp repository serves as the backbone for the growthepie dashboard, providing robust L2 data pipelines and data curation.


  • Data pipelines from our L2 nodes, Dune, coingecko, DefiLlama, L2Beat, etc. to our PostgreSQL database
  • Data cleaning and curation
  • Scheduling using Airflow

gtp-frontend - Frontend Implementation

The gtp-frontend repository contains the frontend code for growthepie dashboard, designed to offer responsive and fast user experience.


  • Dynamic L2 data visualization with a range of user-friendly filtering options, enhancing data exploration and analysis
  • Data categorization and comparison features for clear insights into data trends
  • Consistent design philosophy for user-friendly UI

Wiki - Knowledge Base

Our wiki includes curated knowledge aimed to educate users, developers and investors about the L2 space, fostering a transparent ecosystem.


  • Educational content on different L2 solutions
  • API documentation
  • Comprehensive explanations of how we curate our data


growthepie is a public goods-funded initiative that values contributions from the community. If you're interested in contributing to our mission of making the L2 space more transparent and understandable, please reach out to us on our Discord.


Join our Discord or follow us on Twitter, Lens or Farcaster.


This project is licensed under the MIT License.

Thank you for visiting our GitHub page. Let's make the Ethereum L2 space more accessible together!


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    Let's scale Ethereum! Layer 2 fundamentals & blockspace analytics

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