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a portable, fully userland jailbreak.
- device must NOT have been used for development (if it is, reboot while Xcode is not running)
- put a copy of theos in ./theos
- update DeveloperDiskImage.{dmg,signature} for your firmware
- change Makefile to use your dev profile
- depending on the target device, change Makefile to build for the correct architecture
- make sure your provisioning profile is installed
- ./ to build and go.
- ./interact jailbreak to install cydia, etc
- reboot (this may or may not be necessary)
- re-run ./ on each boot to jailbreak again
NOTE: most binaries from telesphoreo (e.g. coreutils, most of apt, etc) are currently broken with the included bootstrap.tar on A6 devices, due to an old crt0.o used when building it.
when jailbroken, only "resigned" binaries will run. that means they have the "platform-application" entitlement. this is due to the kernel usually restricting user signed executables to /var/mobile/Applications/. however, that check is disabled when the binary has that entitlement.
NOTE: To build for ARMv7s from command line use "make PLATFORM=swifter", otherwise use make to target for ARMv7. Hopefully this saves you some time.
NOTE2: for armv7s that involves makes, use ./ -s to signify so.
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