Multiplayer Simon Says game using bidirectional gRPC streaming
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Latest commit ce3f598 Nov 9, 2016 @markmandel markmandel committed with thesandlord Updates to gRPC 1.0 and Kubernetes Deployments (#8)
This commit moves the go dependecies to gRPC 1.0,
as well as switching to usingthe official gRPC Docker
images for development.

On top of this, ReplicaControllers have been removed in
favour of ReplicaSets/Deployments.

Multiplayer Simon Says - A Game using gRPC and Kubernetes.

Simon Says Game

This is an example project using gRPC and Kubernetes to build a multiplayer version of the game "Simon Says".

It has been implemented in multiple languages to highlight the variety of supported languages that gRPC gives you out of the box.

Folder Structure

gRPC Communication

The following animation shows the way in which gRPC sends message over it's bidirectional streaming connection, to enable gameplay.

Here we can see:

  • Two players on different devices joining the game,
  • Being notified it is their turn
  • Communicating a button press on their clients
  • Being told to light up given colors
  • When the game has ended, because a sequence is incorrect
  • Who has won the game in the end

gRPC Communication

Presentation Recordings

Uniquity, 2015
Ubiquity Dev Summit, 2016

Contributing changes


This is not an official Google Product.