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Experimental warning

This tool is a proof of concept, but feedback is welcome.


gRPC provides debug stats in the form of an RPC service. For example, channelz is a service that provides channel level debug information. This repo contains a tool that connects to a remote gRPC channelz service and displays the data as a web page using a local golang web server. The goal is to provide a single CLI tool that can display all gRPC debug pages.

A screenshot of servers page: image

A screenshot of a detailed socket page: image


The tool has three components:

  1. Your web browser.
  2. An Envoy proxy to translate gRPC web requests and fetch static assets.
  3. A web server to serve static assets, namely the Angular app's HTML and Javascript files.

When your web browser first hits the Envoy port, the proxy looks at the content type and determines that it is not a gRPC-web request. As a result, it routes the request to the static assets web server and your web browser loads the Angular webapp.

When the web app needs channelz data, it will make gRPC-web requests to the Envoy port. Envoy uses the content type to detect these requests to translate and route them to the gRPC host.

For more info look at: docker/envoy/ web/channelzui/src/app/channelz.service.ts

Running the tool

This example shows how to connect the tool to a gRPC service runnning channelz at The envoy proxy listens on port 9900.

# Make sure 'docker-compose' and 'docker' are both available
$ cd docker
$ ./ 9900 50051

Compile instructions for the web app

Normally, rebuilding the web app is not necessary. The compiled javascript and HTML files are already present in the static assets docker directory.

npm is required to be on your PATH. This code has been verified to work with version 5.8.0 of npm.

If this is your first time building the app:

cd web/channelzui/
npm install

To rebuild and copy the distributable files:

# Pull the latest proto definitions from
$ buildscripts/

# Rebuild the angular app
$ buildscripts/
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