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@menghanl menghanl released this Mar 27, 2018 · 10 commits to v1.11.x since this release


  • travis: add Go 1.10 and run vet there instead of 1.9 (#1913)

API Changes

  • credentials/alts: Update ALTS "New" APIs (#1921)
  • credentials/alts: Simplify "New" APIs (#1895)

New Features

  • status: Allow external packages to produce status-compatible errors (#1927)
  • service reflection can lookup enum, enum val, oneof, and field symbols (#1910)
  • stats: add BeginTime to stats.End (#1907)
    • Special thanks: @btc
  • client: Allow interceptors to store alternate transport.ServerStream implementations in context (#1904)
  • client: export types implementing CallOptions for access by interceptors (#1902)
  • gzip: Add ability to set compression level (#1891)
  • credentials/alts: Add ALTS credentials support (#1865)
  • client: Report underlying connection error in RPC error (#1855)

Bug Fixes

  • resolver: keep full unparsed target string if scheme in parsed target is not registered (#1943)
  • metadata: Fix bug where AppendToOutgoingContext could modify another context's metadata (#1930)
  • credentials/alts: fix infinite recursion bug [in custom error type] (#1906)
  • transport: fix race that could lead to the server closing a connection due to too many pings (#1905)
  • resolver: always fall back to default resolver when target does not follow URI scheme (#1889)
  • server: Convert all non-status errors to codes.Unknown (#1881)
  • Expunge error codes that shouldn't be returned from library (#1875)


  • Add documentation and example of adding details to errors (#1915)
  • examples: Replace context.Background with context.WithTimeout (#1877)
  • clientconn: fix a typo in GetMethodConfig documentation (#1867)
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