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@menghanl menghanl released this Oct 23, 2018 · 1 commit to v1.16.x since this release

New Features

  • health: implement Watch method in server (#2365)
  • balancer: add trailer metadata to DoneInfo (#2359)
  • balancer: add header metadata to PickOptions (#2376)
  • resolver/dns: support custom dns authority (#2265)
  • channelz: channel tracing (#2262)
  • credentials: support google default creds (#2315)

Bug Fixes

  • server: fix handling of RPC timeouts that overflow int64 nanos (#2379)
  • credentials/alts: pass the target name to ALTS handshaker (#2319)
  • clientconn: fix race when service config updated while closing (#2371)
  • transport: ensure client always closes streams (#2354)
  • stream: never return errors from CloseSend (#2312)
  • Check error when calling compressor.Compress (#2274)

Additional Notes

Special thanks @fastest963 for going above and beyond in helping us debug hard-to-reproduce transport issues.

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