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Public C/C++ Resolver and LB Policy APIs

Updated Jun 13, 2019

Changes needed to convert our internal resolver and LB policy APIs into public APIs.

Bazel RBE Flakiness Reduction

Updated Apr 9, 2019

Bazel RBE builds are currently flakier than legacy C/C++ builds. Binary targets of highest failure rates are identified.

C++ callback API

Updated May 23, 2019

Create and implement a callback-based API suitable for the C++ language binding

gRPC Channelz in Core

Updated Dec 9, 2018

Support the channelz design in gRPC C Core.

This will allow all of the wrapped languages to export channelz information, with will provide invaluable information about running clients and servers.

Core conversion to idiomatic C++

Updated May 7, 2019

In 2018, gRPC core will be reimplemented in idiomatic C++

De-wrapping of C++

Updated Jun 4, 2018

In 2018, the C++ API will stop acting like another wrapped language and will instead directly call into core subsurface APIs (rather than just core surface APIs).

C++ Performance

Updated Jun 30, 2017

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