PHP utility library embracing functional programming paradigms.
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Garp Functional

Utility library embracing functional programming paradigms.



Garp\Functional is a practical functional library that strives to embrace functional paradigms.

  • Functions are pure, referentially transparent, without side-effects.
  • Data immutability is favored over mutating existing properties of given parameters.
  • In general, functions are curried. Almost all of the functions in the library can be called partially applied, to a point where this makes sense.
  • Function parameters are ordered to promote currying. Data is usually the last thing to go in, making every function a fine candidate to pass to native array_map, array_filter and the like, without having to create a closure around the call.
  • Higher-order functions are provided to fill the gaps. Functions like compose, partial, partial_right or not are legos for you to use in your own implementation.
  • Nothing is type-hinted too strictly. I don't care if you pass a string or an array to prop, as long as it allows accessing members thru bracket syntax [], I'll allow it. Nothing irks me more about PHP than not being able to toss a Traversable object into the native array_map.



composer require grrr-amsterdam/garp-functional

That'll do, all functions are available to you.

Read the docs for a complete reference